- A report from the party in the swedish www-mag YELAH.
- Taper/TRIAD wrote an excellent partyreport in the c64 diskmag known as DOMINATION #14.
- First time I arranged LCP was in 1998. That site is OVER HERE.

Anybody else wrote any partyreports? Anybody else got some digital photos?LET ME KNOW!


Peter Kenell + friend for supplying Bigscreen and video-cam for the GBC's. Horray!
HT (especially Chomma, JonasK and Bolo) for a helping hand with cleaning up afterwards.


The party is over and everybody is gone on their way back home. Travelling gently in the light of the red sunset. I believe that pretty much all of you are now thinking and pondering over this strange event known as the Little Computer People Party. What happened, who did what, who didn't even do that, who met who and who got the biggest cru? Some people feel that this was the greatest event in a long time and some, on the other hand, perhaps decided to give up the scene once and for all. Personally I think the atmosphere was great, and I can tell for sure that everybody in the HT-possy had a good time.

Perhaps I'll arrange this thing again and perhaps I won't. However, if I ever will, it will most probably take place somewhere else than Vxj. Because, you see, I'm on my way too. My eyes gazing untiring towards the distant horizon, moving on, to meet my future where heaven and earth joins together in the middle of the setting sun....