02.08.2004 : Party over. Results, compo entries and photos can be found in the archive. A lot of thanks must go to CMP who really saved me a whole lot of trouble when he helped me cleaning the place up. A friend of my wife also helped out a lot with the cleaning and all of a sudden he claimed to have been a member of Byterapers once. I forgot to ask him for his handle, but he is from Norrland somewhere. Also, I want to say thank you to Magervalp for helping out a lot with the compo organization with his custom c64 party voting tool called CVOTE. ...and finally, thanks to Blackdroid for lending his bigscreen projector!

As usual, please contact me if you have digital photos, party reports from LCP that I may put into the archive. There is already photos by macx, trazan, taper and vodka up there. If you have any feedback or opinions on issues concerning LCP, please let me know.
30.07.2004 : KABOOOM! LCP TODAY! Doors officially open at 16.00. See you there dudes! A minimalistic little celebration poem:

   Bring all the snask you've got!
    The LCP fire is burning HOT!
29.07.2004 : Tick..

Atari compomachine specs added to the compo page. Also, please note that I will not be online very much at all from now on, but I'll check the mail once tomorrow (friday) too.
28.07.2004 : Tick..
23.07.2004 : Billions of people have signed up and now - when the distant voices whisper "just one week left" - we all unite in a cosmic seance; The feeling of longing. Longing for LCP!

Since quite a few people signed up lately, the entrance fee is now decided to be 100 SEK (as usual).
15.07.2004 : A rough sketch of a party schedule is added which you can reach here or through the menu.
02.06.2004 : More promising demo rumours spotted... And as always, reality will surpass even the wildest fantasies. (Imagine an atomic bomb exploding in the brain department of löööve.)
21.05.2004 : About two months left now and rumours about a few demos is already around. We just love it...
11.05.2004 : A new section is added to this site, where you can put up small ads for computer related stuff you want to buy or sell. The idea is that the other LCP visitors might have what you are looking for, and that you can exchange stuff/money on LCP, and thus get rid of unnessescary and expensive shipping.
11.05.2004 : Major trouble with the webserver, as you may have noticed. (2 week+ downtime). Anyway, we're back online again now, just in time to tell you about another party feature: A company called Guru Meditation will be present at LCP and sell the RetroReplay+RR-net bundle and Amiga Hardware. If you want to order something specific from them, you can visit their site and place orders which you can pick up on LCP then, to get the shipping for free.
16.04.2004 : 3.5 months left now... It's about time for another LCP soon, right? Just trust the ACID POWER!
12.04.2004 : Major update today! Lots of information added to the INFO- and COMPO-pages. Check it! Also, today there was a bunch of invite emails sent out. If you would like to recieve that kind of invitation for future LCP-events, then just let me know.
22.03.2004 : Added some PETSCII-graphics and some general structure to this site. More information about the party itself and the compos and so on will be added during this week and further on...
19.03.2004 : Nice to see that 39 hackers signed up already, even though there is almost a half year left. That's the spirit!

At the moment, the basic details and features of the party is being worked on. Such things as where to rent tables and so on. When those things are taken care of this page will be updated with all the information that you could possibly need, and that is when I will start to spread the word about LCP seriously, to people who has visited LCP before, and others. Please let me know if you are able to supply a bigscreen projector somehow. Also, don't hesitate to let me know if there is anything special you would like to see. Otherwise you can just lean back and rest assured that LCP is being taken care of for YOU.
04.03.2004 : Just got back from my favourite party FLOPPY feeling good all over. Inspiration was flowing in my veins even before that party, but now I'm close to overdose.
11.02.2004 : By the way, if you want more information about LCP, you could always check the webpages from 2002/2003 in the meantime. You'll find information about how to get to the partyplace and compo information and such things there. Enter the archive and then choose desired year, and then wwwroot/. More information about this years event will show up here on this page later on, of course.
05.02.2004 : It's worth pointing out that the Shake'em compo winner (Morpheus/FHI) from LCP 2002 has signed up this year too. Will he defend his crown this year? Would be nice if THEZULK (Shake'em winner of 2003) showed up too, for a showdown!
05.02.2004 : If you want to, please attach some information about how, and from where, you'll travel, and I'll add it next to your name in the list of signed up people, like some kind of carpool function. Check Oxidy/Wrath Designs in the list of visitors for an example. Contact me if you need help to get in touch with someone, and I'll help you out.
05.02.2004 : It's ok to sign up now. Jucke won the sign-up-first-competition AGAIN! Yeah!
04.02.2004 : Official date set to 30 july - 1 august, 2004. The partyplace is the same as last year, which means "Skylten", located in Linköping/Sweden.


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