Date:5-7 August
Place:Linköping, Sweden
Partyplace: Skylten, as usual. (Just behind the railway station.)
Hardware:Commodore, Atari, Spectrum, Nintendo and so on. No mongo shit.
Entrance:100 SEK by the door.
Doors open:Friday, 16.00.

Questions? Send mail over here.


05.08.09: More photos uploaded today. Releases might show up later on today instead of on wednesday as earlier stated.

Also a comment on the "no more LCP" issue. Things have changed a little bit since saturday night, when that statement was stated. Just wanted to say that there will be more parties arranged by me, so don't loose your faith. However, this was the last LCP at Skylten. That's for sure. (Alchohol is forbidden there from now on. :)

05.08.08: Party over. Results are up here. Releases might not show up here until wednesday, but in the meantime you can check some of the stuff at (the resultfile there states wrong credits for the amiga demo named "Goa Killbilder #1" though. It's made by "facit i handen" and not by HT.).

There is some party photos by Trazan uploaded in the lcp archive too. Check it!

05.08.04: The sudden bigscreen projector problem is solved.

05.08.04: Now LCP is tomorrow! Can you believe it? Well, it's not too good to be true! It's NOT FALSE, whatever that means, and it will be GREAT for sure. Check the new section to the right here for a party schedule and some last minute information.

If someone is able to supply a bigscreen projector I am still very interested since that will cost me a lot of money otherwise.

05.08.03: I realized I forgot to say. The entrance fee is 100 SEK as usual.

Also, there is some trouble with the bigscreen. Blackdroid, who was supposed to supply one, has got sick. If anyone is driving by car from Stockholm and is able to pick it up at his home, or if anyone is able to supply another bigscreen projector. Please let me know asap!

05.08.03: Magervalp just told me he's got a free seat in his datamobile from Gothenburg <-> Linköping. Contact him for fresh flesh! He also says he promised one seat to some unknown dude, and further says that this unknown dude should contact him.

(Why does Gothenburg have an English name when other cities don't? Because it's a harbour town?)

05.08.02: People keep signing up. How nice! The dude from Guru meditation also told me that in addition to amiga stuff he will most likely be bringing some 4-player adapters (protovision I guess), MMC64, retro replay, silversurfers, joy/mouse-switches and other things.

As a nice bonus, Hollowman just gave me a bunch of photos from the first LCP (1998) which is added to the archive now.

05.08.01: Yeah! I'm back from the future! Another bunch of dudes signed up (81 hakkers now) and and party preparations approaches the boiling point.

Guru Meditation will be present at the party this year too and sell some hardware. Mostly Amiga stuff.

Only 4 days left now and you KNOW what that means! LCP for life!

05.07.17: I'll be away for a while, to something like 1-2 august or so, so don't get confused if I don't reply to mails and signups until then. (I may check mail sometime until then anyway though.)

05.07.17: Visitors from last year will surely remember the furious 4-player gaming battle in the fresh HT-game*:

 Tour de France 

 Of course you can look forward to another battle on LCP2005, this time with a slightly updated game. The game concept is just the same though. Shake'em joysticks 'til you drop! The winner will recieve a copy of Goto80/HT's latest album (with C64/amiga/etc music) so start the wank... I mean shaking training at home at once!

A big question right now is whether RaveGuru dare show up to defend his historical Tour de France Grand Prix title from LCP 2004.

* Game coding by Mathman/HT and graphics farted out by Vinzi/HT!

05.07.17: Instructions on how to get to the partyplace added today!

05.07.15: link0pings commodore party
link0pings crazy pardey
link0pings cyber phantasy
link0pings crack phreakdown
link0pings camping plats
link0pings coma psychosis

Whatever you call it, next year you might have to replace link0ping with some other place. Probably Lund or Malm0. This means 2005 is the last time LCP will be held in the safe vomb of Skylten. Let's make it something special! Let's celebrate until we dunno what's up or down or left or wrong. Next year we'll be heading for unknown places and new unknown adventures again. Join the journey!

05.07.09: Rumours say there will be enough entries for a separate 4ch mod battle, separated from the c64 sid music battle.

05.06.18: 64 people signed up!

05.06.04: Someone said today is the 23rd birthday of the Commodore 64. Dunno if it's true but horray anyway! (Dunno exactly what counts as a "birth" for a computer either, as Iopop pointed out. First machine sold? Can we be sure about it? Did someone actually see it being sold? Perhaps it was just a fake machine?) Amiga will have it's 20th birthday later this year. Crazy, even though most Amiga freaks don't really use the original Amiga anymore, which is the case with c64.

05.04.29: Added some concrete stuff to the buy/sell section. This section is for you, so use it if you got something to trade, and take care of the business at LCP (or somehow else). Just contact me to add advertisements there.

Also, I'm looking for tables for the party. The usual place was full booked this year, so I have to get them somewhere else. Let me know if you have tips or ideas about this..

05.04.25: It may seem silent here, but party detail feature planning is indeed boiling behind the surface of vectorized curtains of madness. O'boy! If anyone got a video mixer to lend us during the party, please contact me, cause we would like to be projected even further into the coordinate landscapes of dataland.

By the way; You know who to vote for (me, Frantic) in the Tiny SID compo.

05.03.16: Two new sections added: Cooperative Travelling section and a Buy/Sell/Swap/Give section.

05.03.16: Blackdroid/WD gains extra status points by bringing his bigscreen projector for LCP, again!

05.03.08: A bunch of people signed up, the site changed server once again, and the site was updated a little.

??.??.??: HCL is the winner of the sign-up-first compo this year! HCL gains one experience point and is awarded double vote-power in the compo voting process at LCP 2005!

??.??.??: The pre-www is up


In 1998 a secret 2d pixel palace with special audio capabilities was constructed for those who still knew what must be done and how to do it. It served as a secret stronghold for the little computer people of the resistance force, spontaneously gathered during midnight hours, so they could defend themselves in an era of accelerating lameness. In this hiding place, protected and guided by the spirit of true computing, people knew in a heartfelt way that the struggle must go on, no matter what great fears that might lurk beyond the future horizon.

R E V O L U T I O N !

Fresh as always!


As usual, one category each for demo, graphics and music. Since C64 is the base platform on LCP and most visitors by far are c64 people there is a separate battle for each of the three categories for c64. Other platforms may have separate battles in one or more of the categories too as long as there is enough entires for that. Else non-c64 entries like handhelds, amiga, atari, and so on, will compete against each other in the same battle, called the "other platform" battle, which is also separated into demo, graphics and music battles of course. Compo disks will be kept. Rumours say that there will probably be enough entries for a separate 4ch mod competition, separated from the c64 sid music battle.

Just about anything is allowed, except for entries made in its entirety by people not present at the party. Some people think such rules are stupid, but trust us, there is a reason and we know what we are doing. If you want to compete with some other platform than C64, Amiga500 then please bring that hardware to the party yourself so we can use that during the compo.

The LCP voting tool will be handed out on disks after the compo by the supervisor, so you can vote on the voting terminals around the partyplace as usual and we can count the votes in a automatic fashion.


But.. In order to make the partyvibes vibrate like vibrato:

Don't bring any PC computers for any other reason than for crossdevelopment for older computers or consoles, and only if you normally don't do your development on the real hardware. Otherwise you'll be considered being LAME and you better get back into your car and go home. We'll watch you carefully.

Boozing and farting is allowed of course. Smoking is allowed right outside the door.


Check out photos, releases and other things
from past LCPs in the archive.


Just to give you an idea...

 16.00 - Doors open
 xx.xx - Demos.. Movies..
 xx.xx - Mongo FM on the wheels of steel
 late! - Databingo (and/or on request)
 xx.xx - Demos.. Movies..
 14.00 - 1/X/2 Quiz in the neighbourhood
 20.30 - Tour de France compo
 21.30 - Compo Deadline
 22.30 - COMPO!
 xx.xx - Demos.. Movies..
 late! - Databingo (and/or on request)

 12.00 - Waking up/party over/cleaning/confusion

Bigscreen action:
During the whole party there will be movies and stuff shown on the bigscreen. The bigscreen is supposed to be used, so if you want to bring your favourite demo collection and show it, feel very free to do so.

Other features:
Like last year there will be a Datormagazin-corner and such things. Also, if you for example would like a HatTrick, IK+ or a Fist Tournament compo, just say so, and we'll take care of that. Also, don't hesitate to tell me if you feel that something is missing during the party. It could be anything from toilet paper to an accidently non-active bigscreen or so.

Also, I would appreciate very much if a bunch of people could help me with the party place cleaning after the party. You don't have to walk in 2 meters cow shit and drink rotten pukes or so, but rather I am talking about things like picking a few bottles and put them in a plastic bag. It's not a requirement or so - of course - but it would just speed up the cleaning sooo much (and I probably have to stay there and clean things up the rest of the day anyway). It would certainly boost my motivation to keep on organizing LCP year after year if I got some help.


HCL / Booze Design
Jucke / G*P
Johey / d4rkn3ss
Booger / HT
Taper / Triad
Puterman / FLT
Vodka / FLT
MacX / Onslaught
Shastar / weird
Grip / pixelmagic
Mindcooler / Sys5
Hollowman/ FLT
Trazan / Hitmen
Phase1 / Creators & Dekadence
psychad/ illuminati
Gosh / HT
eleric / galm + titan
Vinzi / HT
buzzie / digital devotion
radiantx / panda design
elmindreda / hypercube
ogge / cro
moh / galm & titan
Skyhawk / Laxity
JackAsser / Instinct
Mathman / HT
qdor / digital devotion
Zyron / Nostalgia + Oxsid Planetary
Fix / Defiers
Slator / Onslaught
Zakk / NoName
Twoflower / Triad
Iopop / Triad
Oxidy / Wrath Designs
Blackdroid / Wrath Designs
Trasher / Active
Fred / The Gang
TDS / Creators
Crazy Q - DHS/Creators/Ym-Rockerz
salome of hypercube
Sledge / Fairlight
Morpheus / Flash Inc
Joyride / Noice
Geggin / Censor Design
Jason / Antic
Hackz0id /siDers
ZynthaxX /sidErs
deps / acggbg
SiXX / G*P
Grokk / The Gang
Shoe / acggbg
Proteque / creators
Dbug / creators / Defence-Force
mermaid / creators
Spot / Triad
Qwan / Uprough
Yoki / Uprough
Gemini / Uprough
Goto80 / HT
Skope / Uprough
Blade / Uprough
kenho / 4ba
Dino / Uprough
Sombie / $
zaphod / antimon
H.O. / Science451
zixaq / creators & ephidrena
Andreas / Guru Meditation
Sasq / DCS
Maktone / Fairlight
Ramzeus / The Gang
Stash / Wrath Designs

Sign up by sending a mail over here.


The partyplace (called "Skylten") is located about 150 meters from the railway station (and also the bus stop) in Linköping/Sweden. This means you can easily catch a train or jump on a bus. Linköping also has an airport but I'm not totally sure which flights arrive there (from where). Once you have arrived at the railway station (called "resecentrum") this is how you find your way to Skylten:

You're standing by the railway station. Linköping city is to the south. You hear sounds from trains in the close vicinity. There is also a bank machine here where you can get some cash if you want to.


You walked trough (or around) the railway station and now you're standing by the railtracks behind the station. When you look around you discover a tunnel going under the tracks to the NORTH.


You're in the darknes of a scary tunnel. There are stairs up to railway track 1, 2 and 3 here. In the end of the tunnel there is stairs to the left wich looks promising.


As you walked trough the tunnel a crazy killer showed up and killed you in a crazy way. However, when standing in front of God you demand him to send you back to earth since you have a very important mission: Getting to LCP. God agrees and let you continue as if nothing happened.

You're standing in shining daylight again on the other side of the railway tracks. You face a path in front of you to the WEST leading along the railway tracks. On one side of you there is a fence.


After walking about 100 meters you confront a choice of continuing along the path to the WEST or go trough a opening in the fence to the NORTH.


An angry railway worker approaches you in lightspeed and starts yelling at you as he runs. He says he's going to eat you for dinner.


Back again. You (once again) confront a choice of continuing along the path to the WEST or walk trough a opening in the fence to the NORTH.


You walk trough the opening in the fence. There is a strange smell of sweat in the air. There is a bunch of old brick buildings here. To the WEST there is a car parking. To the EAST is some boring shit you don't want to bother about.


You're standing on a car parking. You notice it's quite expensive, but there is a lot of room for cars there at least. An old turtle with a yellow hat approaches you and tell you that it is possible to park your car 300-400 meters away for free among the industrial buildings in this area. Since you're not driving by car you do not care. The turtle disappears with a strange grin on his face. When you look up you see another brick building to the NORTH with metal stairs leading to an open door.


As you approach the stairs you realize that there are homecomputer fanatics everywhere. This building must be "Skylten"! The happy nerds raise their arms and starts dancing extatically around you while performing a greeting ritual. CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU HAVE REACHED THE LCP PARTYPLACE! (You can see how you walked by following the green line on the map below.)


But, what if you're driving by car? Well, then you should not drive to the railway station as you'll end up on the wrong side of the railway tracks then. There is mainly three possibilities of getting over the railway tracks.

  1. You happen to be on the right side of the tracks already.

  2. Going over a bridge about 500 meters WEST of the railway station. (This is the alternative indicated by the driving description below.

  3. Going under a tunnel about 500 meters EAST of the railway station.
after the busstops.

Check this map:

The partyplace ("Skylten") is marked by a red dot in the middle of the map. "Resecentrum" is the railway station and the black line corresponds to the railway tracks. If you're driving to Linköping on the motorway (E4) you'll either come from the south or the north. In either case I recommend taking the exit road which goes to IKEA (there should be signs about IKEA on the E4). Drive towards central Linköping. They are working a bit with the roads there now so it's a bit chaotic, but if things are going right you should come to a roundabout ("rondell") after a little while (just after a little bridge over the railway). You know it's the right roundabout if there is two gasstations here (Preem and Q8). You should turn left in this roundabout and you will now be located on "Industrigatan" (which is coming in from the left on the map here). Drive 500 meters or so and you'll be in a big-but-not-gigantic crossing which is visible on the map. To the left from this crossing (another yellow road on the map) is a bridge over the railway. Check the red dots on the map to see how to drive. Also there is two red crosses at two places on the map indicating places where I think it is possible (but I am not totally sure) to park your car for free. I may very well be wrong. Keep that in mind.


Send me a mail to Frantic if you want to add a cooperative travelling advertisement (free seats in a car or and so on) here or if you want to get in touch with anyone having an ad here.

Gothenburg - LCP
Magervalp says he's got yet another free seat in his datamobile which goes Gothenburg <-> Linköping. Contact him for fresh flesh! He also says he promised one seat to some unknown dude, and further says that this unknown dude should contact him.

Denmark/Malmö - LCP
I, Yaemon/dnd, will be coming from Copenhagen and would like to know if I can hook up with someone coming through Copenhagen or something like that. Or maybe if I can meet someone in around the Malmö area. I am willing to pay gas money of course.


Perhaps your C64 PLA broke down, or you are in urgent need of a epyx fastload cartridge to be able to try our your really NEW ideas? Perhaps you have a crate full of 5.25" disks and Tac-2 joysticks you want to get rid of? Maybe you just feel lame and cheap and want to sell your soul? In any case, you should put up an ad here and do the deal on LCP, so you don't have to pay for shipping and all that kind of shit.


RadiantX screams...
I am looking for an Atari 520ST trafo, and am willing to pay. Contact me.


Jan Janssen says...
Hi! My name is Jan Janssen and I am a Commodore collector from germany. I would like to buy a swedish C64, VIC-20, C128 and C128D. If you got one of these please contact me. I am a collector and not a trader but if you only want to trade give it a try and ask me. I will see what I can do. I have a Drean C64 II (from Argentina) for example. My email-Address: (Jan is not going to LCP though, which was the idea for this section, but what the hell...)


Frantic wonders...
Anobody got a spare 1541 PSU they might give away? I need two, so if you got one (or two)... Contact me!


Frantic: Old C64/Amiga stuff sold or for free
Check this list and tell me if you are interested in anything.


...and so on.. You get the point. Send me a mail to Frantic if you want to add that kind of ads here.

Send a mail over here
to the good old man.