Most of the compo stuff is now up in the archive. You can also find some photos there. If YOU have got photos, please send them to me so I can include them in the archive too!
Party over! Thanks to everyone attending making this party experience a smashing one! The results are available here (thanks to Magervalp for compiling this list in html form!). See you all again at LCP 2010! :)

People who competed with stuff other than C64-stuff or Amiga-stuff, please send me your compo entries in suitable form, so we can put them in the LCP archive!

If you have photos from LCP, please send them to me, so I can include them in the LCP archive!
LCP TOMORROW!!! Yohoooo!!!!! One detail: Please bring one or more pencils with you, in order to be able to take notes of votes during the compo (i.e. a score between 1=sucks and 9=excellent for each entry that you want to vote on.). I will supply papers to write on, so you don't necessarily need to bring that yourself. Another detail: It is not a strict rule, but please keep your music entries within reasonable length (preferably 3 minutes or less).
In the email sent out to registered visitors today I stated that the deadline of the compo will be around 8 PM, but I forgot to say which day. It is 8 PM on saturday....
Just a short note! If you got something hidden away in the basement that you could imagine donating to the LCP compo price table, then don't hesitate to bring it. :) A preliminary party schedule will also be put up some days before the party, so watch out for that. The most important right now is probably that the party officially begins at 2 PM on friday, as is also written elsewhere on this page. Also, don't forget to have a look at the market section.
Some elaborations on the compo rules were added, and the official opening and closing times were added to the what section. Less than two weeks left to LCP now, and I have heard quite a lot of rumors about a whole bunch of different demos being in the making by now, for a whole range of different platforms!
Exactly one month left to the party today and there are 150 people on the list now! That means LCP 2009 will be the biggest swedish party (c64-wise) since Tribute 1994, and that was 15 years ago! Stronger than ever!
LCP is now open for new registrations again! Earlier problemos with lack of space is taken care of. Crowded and sweaty is the shit!
Information regarding the compo added.
Added info on the new partyplace, and how to get there.
Visitor limit changed from 106 to 132. It might be extended further.
We have now found another partyplace! The new one is located in Malmö, which is only about 20 kilometers from Lund (the previous partyplace). Stay tuned for more information on this and how it will affect (in a positive direction) the number of visitors that we will be able to let in (hopefully all). Note that the information about who will be able to come in the list of visitors is not correct right now, since more people will be let in than indicated right now. This will change in a few days from now too.
Visitor limit reached! Note that you can still add yourself to the list, and in case more visitors can be accepted (due to other visitors canceling their reservations), they will be accepted one by one, according to the order of the list. Also, we're working on solutions for allowing more people in general, so stay tuned. With a bit of luck, we might also be able to allow a few more people than the 106 stated below, so keep on signing up! We're doing our best to let everyone who really wants to come to come.
Due to the massive interest in LCP this year, we will be forced to suspend the possibility to sign up when 106 people are in the list. Currently 100 persons are listed, so there are 6 more to go. The reason for this situation is the limited size of the partyplace. The partyplace is already quite "pushed" regarding the number of visitors currently accepted. (The dude we're renting the place from will cancel the event in case we try to put more people in there than allowed...) In case someone knows that they will not be able to show up, then let us know. If you're keen on going to LCP you better hurry up, or kill someone who is on the list.
The response to this year's party has been something over and above the ordinary. 84 people signed up within 10 days after the sign up functionality was first activated on this page. LCP = hotter than ever!
Another party feature - Demo DJs - was added to the party feature section! ...and a market section was added today, where you can put up ads regarding cooperative traveling and/or buy/sell matters.
Two party features announced today, and a party feature section was added to the site. First, Mogwai - the data doctor - will join us at the party, fixing machines to the best of his ability, and second, Jucke's experiMENTAL SID show will dissolve all the remaining fragments of rationality from this party!
Since people asked about it, I added a small note on the entrance fee.
HCL signed up something like 2 seconds after I wrote the previous news entry. He is awarded eternal glory and double vote-power in the compo!
It is now possible to sign up! Who will be the first?!
Started adding some more information. It will soon be possible to sign up for the party through this site. Watch out!
Party announced, date set, and a first minimal version of this website went online!
For all the c64/amiga/atari/spectrum/console/whatever-lovin' sideborder musicians, stamp fakers, coders, forth lamers, screen dumpers (yes), bbs hangarounds and full screen graphicians - we strike back! - and we strike hard!
On july 17-19, in Malmö/Sweden, we will present you with the hottest incarnation so far in the series of Swedish copy/demo parties, and YOU are invited! Our aim is simple and direct:
We aim to provide the D.A.T.A. event of the year!
In addition to the mighty compo, there will be lots of other party features in order to make LCP a mighty pleasant experience. You can expect demos on the bigscreen, game compos, DJ'ing, movies - you name it! More details about such things will be added during the months to come. The entrance fee is 120 SEK (roughly 12 EUR). Bring even money, if possible.
The doors are officially open at 2 PM (14.00 in Swedish terms) at friday the 17:th. It may be the case that we're not yet done putting up all the tables and so on at that time, but it is at least OK to show up by then. At sunday at 12:30 AM (mid day) the party officially closes in the sense that we'll start cleaning and taking down the tables and such again. We won't necessarily force people to leave immediately or so, but at least you cannot count on getting electricity or table space after this time. In case you feel like giving a helping hand with the cleaning, you're highly welcome of course. ;)
Even though we try to provide electricity multi-sockets for everyone, it is always a good idea to bring one yourself too, if possible. Also, don't hesistate to bring real machinery to LCP. Even though we accept the presence of laptops for cross development, it is always much nicer to see a hall filled with C64's, Amigas, Ataris and so on!
The partyplace is located at "Skånes Konstförening", which is partly an art gallery and partly a place where concerts are held. It it located in Malmö at Bragegatan 15, in an industry building, and you'll find a map here. Since the partyplace is in Malmö, there is plenty of unhealthy food and stuff available in the vicinity, to keep your party spirit strong. (This also means that the previously anounced "Kiosk Patrik" is no longer an official party feature.) To buy alcohol stronger than 3.5% in Sweden, you may be surprised to hear that you actually have to get to one of the dedicated stores called "Systembolaget" to get that. (There is a "Systembolag" 1 kilometer from the partyplace, and there also happens to be a McDonalds, Burger King, and a food store, in case you go for an excursion to that place on the saturday, or something.)
Space within the partyplace itself will be a little limited. This means that you shouldn't complain if you don't manage to find a completely "party free" place to sleep. Tight and cosy!
Getting your ass to the right place
To get to the partyplace... Take a bus to Södervärn. A whole terrabyte of buses go there and it is something like a little bus terminal. You can see how to get to the partyplace from the bus stop by looking at this map (the name of the street where the bus stops is "Spårvägen", rather than "Södervärn"). As you will see, the route suggested by the map system is rather stoned, but you get the point. If you press "Hybrid" on the map, you can see on the photographic map representation that appears that there is actually a curved path for walking/bikes starting from the crossing between Spårvägen and Nobelvögen, going more or less directly to the partyplace. Just go underneath Nobelvägen, in the walking tunnel to get to that path. The partyplace is only 2-3 blocks away from the bus station at Södervärn, so it is not very far to walk. Of course you can always take a taxi from the station to Bragegatan 15 (the partyplace) instead, if you're into lazy luxury. A taxi doesn't necessarily have to be very expensive, and you might even get a flat rate to the place if you ask the taxi driver.
If you're coming by train, and you're from outside Sweden. Note that there are trains directly to Malmö from Copenhagen/Denmark, which amounts to a 15-25 minute ride or so. To get from the station to the partyplace, see the description above. If you buy a train ticket from Copenhagen city or airport, you can buy the ticket from one of the ticket machines provided by "Skånetrafiken", and if you buy your ticket that way, it will also be valid as a ticket on the bus within Malmö, if you don't take a break after the train, before going on the bus.
If you're flying to Sturup/Malmö airport, you should take a bus directly from there to Södervärn.
If you're driving... There is space for around 10 cars or so, to park for free.
These are the party features announced so far:
Mogwai - the Data Doctor!
In the outskirts of the city, electronic dust rise from the radioactive surface. Only one person manages to survive in this hardware-controlled environment - Mogwai! - The Data Doctor! His messengers has told us he will visit Hemvärnsgården during LCP, both friday (probably) and saturday, to start building up a new army of working machines. In case YOU have a broken computers, diskdrives or stuff like this, that need to be fixed - bring them to LCP, and Mogwai will have a look! If you are lucky, the wounds of your machine will be healed! Hallelujah! At previous parties, he has managed to bring back quite an impressive amount of machines from the dead.
Remember that he is doing this on a voluntary basis, and therefore it is a good idea not to take his skillful services for granted, but to give him a beer or two and a big "THANK YOU MOGWAI! YOU RULE SO HARD!"
Knight'n'Grail promotion
Archmage will be doing a short presentation of the new C64-game Knight'n'Grail published by Psytronik Software. The game is currently getting a lot of critical acclaim, even outside the retro gaming community, and here's your chance to find out why. Archmage will be bringing deluxe editon copies of the game for sale at LCP. Info on the game is available on the following website:
Jucke's experiMENTAL SID show
From the depths below the streets of Helltown, strange sounds are heard during nighttime. Some people say, in their usual rational way, that it is some kind of noise resulting from the way the water flows in the sewers. Others are simply confused. Only a handful of people know about Jucke's audio laboratory, and his plans of bringing it to LCP to deliver another eerie SID experience in the form of Jucke's experiMENTAL SID show! The show will be delivered by friday night, complete with PETSCII on the bigscreen and the voice of SAM.
Demo DJs!
Isn't it boring when parties have a big screen which isn't put to good use during the party itself, but used only for the compo? Yes, I know LCP has been close to fitting into that description some years too... However, that belongs to the past, and this year it is NOT going to be like that! We have invited a number of people to work as Demo DJ's for half an hour at scheduled times during the party, in order to keep the action going on and on! They will show different kinds of sets, such as general favorites, forgotten demos that deserve to be better known, or other things like "best demos by group/coder X", or such. Scheduled Demo DJs so far are Iopop, Puterman, Spot, Prowler, Rambones, Shadow and Jucke! The Demo DJ's will keep a rather low profile, which means that they won't talk all the time in microphones and tell you to keep the volume down or anything like that. The spontaneous flow of the party itself is, and will always be, the core!
The compo consists in three main categories: Demo, Music, Graphics. Since LCP is a multi platform party, there are always compo entries for machines like C64, Amiga, Atari, Gameboy, Custom Funky Machine 99, and so on. The three main categories mentioned above are further split into platform specific compo categories, such as "C64 graphics", "Amiga demo", "Atari YM music" and so on.
If there are very few entries for some specific compo category for a specific platform, we reserve the right to merge several compo categories into one (like, for example, having a shared compo for "16-bit machine graphics" instead of separate compos for "Amiga graphics" and "AtariST graphics" and so on). In the worst case, this means that categories which are not completely optimal to merge may be merged, but that's life. Of course we will only merge compo categories where the hardware capabilities of the machines "merged" are at least somewhat similar and "comparable". On the other hand, the opposite may also happen: if there is, for example, a really huge bunch of entries for "C64 graphics", then this may be split into two categories such as "Pixeled C64 graphics" and "PETSCII graphics", or similar. Since C64 has always been massively present at LCP, for all of the three compo categories, merging of categories will not happen for the C64.
It is not a strict rule, but we would prefer if you keep your music entries around 3 minutes or less. In case you have any kind of questions about the compo, just let us know.
Compo hardware and formats
In case you plan to hand in a compo entry for some other machine than C64 or Amiga, please let me know in advance. In this case, you will also have to bring the hardware required yourself and you will have to ensure that it is possible to show it on the big-screen somehow. Basically, all platforms are OK, apart from PC/Mac stuff. :) We will supply both 6581 and 8580 C64's. This year we will use the excellent 1541U as "disk drive" for C64 entries, with Action Replay cartridge selected. All entries will be tested on this hardware setup first, so in case there is any kind of unexpected trouble, it will of course be executed on a 1541-II drive instead during the compo. Amiga entries will be executed/played using Spot's Amiga 1200 (060 with 64 mb ram).
Regarding C64 productions (music/demo), you will be able to specify whether your... thing.. should be executed on a 6581 or 8580 SID. All C64 entries must be executable, including graphics and music. You hand in your entry on 5.25" disks and those disk are kept, so be sure to have a backup of your stuff somewhere. In case you don't have a disk to spare, we might be able to help you out, but don't count completely on this. If possible, please just hand your disk in (we're probably rather busy around compo time).
Submitting an entry
When handing in compo entries you will have to fill in a form with some basic info about your entry, such as how long it should be played, if it requires any user interaction during its execution, whether there is any further loading/disk access once it has started executing or not (i.e., if the disk may safely be removed after initial loading), and so on. Providing us with this info makes the compo experience a lot more smooth for everyone. This means that you should not just hand in your compo disk to whoever looks like a reasonable guy and then run away, even though you may be tempted to do so. You should make sure to give the compo entry directly to Frantic, in order to make sure that no entries get lost. E-mail entries are not allowed. We strongly believe in having the competitors present in the audience during the compo. The rule of thumb is that at least one of the creators of a certain production will have to be present at the compo, in case there are several people involved, like for a demo or so. (For entries such as pictures and music, the one who coded the displayer or player do not count as a creator of the entry, obviously.)
Some people have remarked that they find the compo rules somewhat vague. We agree! :) ...but it is deliberately so. The philosophy at LCP is to supply some rules, but to let the voters (the visitors) have the final word as part of the voting procedure; what is considered OK or not. Let's say someone hands in a tune with some graphics shown on the screen as a music entry (or if someone plays music in the background of their graphics entry); That is traditionally considered lame, according to common scene-sense, and if people still find this lame and not acceptable, they should vote accordingly... This way, the development of the future scene rules in the hands of the scene, rather than decided a priori by organizers. However, we won't accept anything. If you're in doubt about the appropriateness of your entry, don't hesitate to send us a message, and we'll sort it out.
The deadline for handing in compo entries is preliminarily set to 8 PM (20.00), saturday evening. Visitors from earlier LCP parties will recognize that this deadline is somewhat earlier than previous years, but keep in mind that LCP is a bit bigger this year, and therefore there will probably be more entries for the compo, which means that the compo will probably be longer, so the compo will have to start a little earlier, and finally: that means that the deadline also has to be a little earlier. Ah... the power of logic! ;)
According to tradition, the voting on LCP consists in giving each entry a score from 1 (very bad) to 9 (excellent), OR giving a blank for this entry. So, if only 3 people vote for a particular entry, the scores for this entry are added together and then divided by 3. This means, in theory, that scores for entries with very few votes may be rather biased, in case the few people voting for this entry vote in a biased way. It also means that the only one to blame if you think votes are unfair is YOU, because you didn't vote on this or that entry! :) In order to make it easier for you to keep track of your voting scores, we will hand out papers and pencils before the compo, and we will do our best to tell you the name of the creator/production.
The voting procedure is computerized and muy excellente. After the compo, a number of vote disks are handed out, and you will then be able to fill in the votes you have scribbled down on a paper on one of the various voting terminals around the party place. After a certain time, voting is considered finished, and we will collect the vote disks again in order to compute (automatically) the scores. The system validates the votes so that only one set of votes per visitor is accepted. This is checked against the list of people who paid the entrance fee. If two sets of voting scores appear from "the same" person (i.e. someone faking a vote by hijacking another persons handle) both of these votes will be discarded. Robot is systematic!
Compo prizes
The main prize when winning a compo at LCP is endless glory and admiration from the lamers. However, you can also expect some sort of prizes. What exactly this will be, is not decided at the moment.
Releases outside the compo
There is no so-called "wild compo" at LCP. However, we still encourage the making of productions that do not easily fit into one of the traditional categories of "demo", "grahpics", or "music". In case you have a production that you want to release, that do not fit into these categories, but that you still want to show in association with the compo (outside the voting proceedure), just let us know (preferably before the party if possible) and we will work something out.
In case you have other releases, like disk mags or tools or whatever, that you do not want to show in association with the compo, but that you would still like to release as an official LCP release, this can also be handed in to us. We will then bundle this release with the other releases from the party in the official LCP release pack.
A while ago I sent all participants a mail, asking them to reply to the question "will you bring a machine to LCP?", with either "yes", "no", or "maybe". If you did not get this mail (due to spam filters or something), or if you have not yet answered to it, please just send me a message with your reply. That makes it easier for us to plan, knowing how many tables that will be required... This helps us in our quest to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to get in!
 Bring machine?
%00000000    HCL/Booze Designyes
%00000001    goto80/HT & Up Roughyes
%00000010    Yodelking/Defiersno
%00000011    Pernod/Horizonno
%00000100    rambones/Ancientsyes
%00000101    radiantx/panda designyes
%00000110    z-nexx/TJCyes
%00000111    Twoflower/Triad?
%00001000    MagerValp/M&Myes
%00001001    Joe/Wrath Designsno
%00001010    Violator/Alphaflight?
%00001011    Archmage/Instinctyes
%00001100    Lotus/Ancientsno
%00001101    Shadow/Noice?
%00001110    Macx/Onslaughtno
%00001111    mactron/arsenic/stoneheadyes
%00010000    Jucke/Judasyes
%00010001    Mindcooler/Sys5yes
%00010010    ZZAP69/Onslaughtyes
%00010011    Taper/TRIADyes
%00010100    Devia/Ancientsyes
%00010101    Klegg/Panda Designyes
%00010110    Spot/Up Rough & Triadyes
%00010111    Booger/Up Rough & HTyes
%00011000    Inge/HVSCno
%00011001    Opticock/One Million Boysno
%00011010    Edhellon/Resourceyes
%00011011    linde/Gheymaidyes
%00011100    GB/RAZOR 1911 no
%00011101    fegolhuzzno
%00011110    Avalonyes
%00011111    ugha?
%00100000    Johey/Sys5yes
%00100001    blackdroid/Wrath Designs?
%00100010    Leming/Onslaught/Fatumno
%00100011    Fix/TRSi?
%00100100    Orbiter/^GALMmaybe
%00100101    Miztlurenmaybe
%00100110    Skope/Up Roughno
%00100111    Mogwai/Defiersyes
%00101000    Frost/Tulou?
%00101001    Yoki/Up Roughyes
%00101010    prowler/up rough & citronyes
%00101011    TDA?
%00101100    Coffeyes
%00101101    Bobisch/SX-64´ersyes
%00101110    Puterman/Fairlightno
%00101111    Geir Tjelta/Shapeyes
%00110000    Yarrick/kryoyes
%00110001    triple?
%00110010    Frantic/HTyes
%00110011    lft/kryoyes
%00110100    DCMPyes
%00110101    Crazy Q/DHS/TiTAN/YM-Rockerz?
%00110110    GRG/Shapeyes
%00110111    JackAsser/Instinctyes
%00111000    Mathman/HTyes
%00111001    Graham/Oxyron?
%00111010    Yazoo/Oxyronyes
%00111011    Axis/Oxyron?
%00111100    Oys/Oxyron?
%00111101    iopop/TRIADyes
%00111110    Vetoyes
%00111111    otro/Up Rough?
%01000000    Dix/Bionic?
%01000001    Dane/Booze Designyes
%01000010    VIC/Camelot?
%01000011    Jeff/Camelot/Crest/Viruzmaybe
%01000100    Slammer/Camelotelotyes
%01000101    Cruzer/Camelotyes
%01000110    Crown/Cryptoburnersyes
%01000111    Monty/Paradox?
%01001000    Asle/AMP?
%01001001    sasqyes
%01001010    booker/Onslaughtyes
%01001011    Sphinx/Arsenic?
%01001100    oxidy/fairlightyes
%01001101    Sebaloz/Lepsi.Deno
%01001110    Britelite/Dekadencemaybe
%01001111    VoDKa/Fairlightno
%01010000    Larsby/Sca9yes
%01010001    iTCH/nOFxyes
%01010010    Droid/201maybe
%01010011    maktone/fairlight/sac/superstarsno
%01010100    Pragge/Support yer lokal Doomcore Kommandohno
%01010101    Photon/Scoopexyes
%01010110    Skyhawk/Laxity/Whateverno
%01010111    Perff/No Nameyes
%01011000    esau/traktoryes
%01011001    altruist/tulou?
%01011010    bore/traktoryes
%01011011    Cresh/Elysiumno
%01011100    SounDemoN/Dekadenceno
%01011101    Kaze/Ancientsno
%01011110    Skatemaybe
%01011111    zabutom/fairlightyes
%01100000    iris/dromeyes
%01100001    shoe/Syntax Society?
%01100010    Todi/Tulouyes
%01100011    dalton/tulouyes
%01100100    Groms/StyleDesigns/Triadno
%01100101    Mason/Unicess?
%01100110    malmatyes
%01100111    moh/panda design?
%01101000    Skyraider/Rageyes
%01101001    FluBBa/UpRoughyes
%01101010    StingRay/Scarab?
%01101011    Shastar/Weirdno
%01101100    Lizard/Megastyle Inc and The Black Lotusyes
%01101101    qwan/up roughmaybe
%01101110    Mega(Klins)man?
%01101111    Alikzusno
%01110000    Random/8bitpeoplesno
%01110001    syphus/Up Roughyes
%01110010    lndyes
%01110011    Oxygener/Superstars^Aardbeiyes
%01110100    Dentno
%01110101    Minksler/NoFx?
%01110110    jallabert/tjcmaybe
%01110111    Nullsleep/8bitpeoplesno
%01111000    synt4xyes
%01111001    Killsquad/Triadno
%01111010    Hawk/Style Designsyes
%01111011    jfk/triadno
%01111100    bongino
%01111101    Moppe/Onewayyes
%01111110    nutsack/nofxyes
%01111111    Phrebbieno
%10000000    slashno
%10000001    poladarkyes
%10000010    yago/K2yes
%10000011    nadayes
%10000100    chantalgoret/HTyes
%10000101    Curt Cool/Depthmaybe
%10000110    Krill/Plushyes
%10000111    fortytwomaybe
%10001000    Zedrick/Intergalactic Warez Foundation 2000yes
%10001001    Rusty46maybe
%10001010    Zephyrmaybe
%10001011    Carrion/Crestyes
%10001100    matkrigmaybe
%10001101    Fred/The Gangmaybe
%10001110    Chucky/The Gangyes
%10001111    Bolo/HTno
%10010000    chomma/HTno
%10010001    dr zOïd/TADDA!maybe
%10010010    Ed/Wrath Designsmaybe
%10010011    e-we/scenegangarnamaybe
%10010100    terric/metamaybe
%10010101    digixmaybe
%10010110    hevosenliha/MuMu21yes
%10010111    Snail/MuMu21yes
%10011000    Duck LaRock/Camelotmaybe
%10011001    Olav Mørkrid/Panoramic Designsyes
%10011010    stash/WD/onslaughtno
%10011011    Ramzeus/The Gangyes
%10011100    Grokk/The Gangyes
%10011101    Hollowman/Fairlightyes
%10011110    plus8/Up Roughno

Will bring a machine... (total visitors = 159):
     yes = 78
   maybe = 20
      no = 35
 unknown = 26
Do you want to cut traveling costs? Do you want to buy/sell something that you think some of the party visitors may have, or may be interested in? Then this part of the site is meant for you. Note that buying/selling in this way lets you avoid the hassle of shipping stuff, since you can exchange the stuff personally, at the party. If you want to add anything to this section, or if you want to get in touch with someone who has put up an ad here, just send a mail or a message (CSDb) to Frantic.
Cooperative Traveling

• Skope/Up Rough, SounDemoN, Britelite/Extend, and Bittin are all looking for a ride from Stockholm to Malmö, and back again.
• Groepaz says he wants to go from Germany. He lives in düsseldorf. Places he could reach via train without paying too much would be cologne, dortmund, mönchengladbach. He says: ofcourse if someone could pick me up at home that would be super nice, because then i could also bring my c64 and stuff.

• BUY/Defective Plus-4 PSU:
Lotus/Ancients says: I’m looking for a defective Plus-4 PSU. I actually only need the power cable with the square connector, but I refuse to destroy a perfectly running PSU. So I hope someone has a defective one stashed away that is no longer needed. PM me on CSDB or just bring the PSU/cable to LCP.
• GIVE AWAY/C64 games (originals):
Sasq says: Found a bag of old games in the attic, let me know if you find something interesting and I'll give it away; (Note by Frantic: Some games are already reserved. :)
• GIVE AWAY/Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX:
Cresh/Elysium says: I've got a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX to give out. If there's anyone interested PM me on CSDB.
Crown/Cryptoburners says: Guys, The Amiga Music Preservation ( website aims at preserving Amiga Music and Demo creation. As such, we are seeking for ALL amiga disks, hardrive, CD-rom collections that contain Amiga Demos (packs, slideshows, intros, etc.) and Modules. We would be grateful if you could bring your old disks with you so that we could either transfer them to CD during the party or borrow them for a while. All disks will be returned with a free cd-rom that will contain ALL demos, mods, etc. Please get in touch with Crown (email to be found on if you have any question and thanks in advance for your support.
• BUY/Original games/hardware:
Oxidy/FLT says: I want to buy shrinkwrapped or factory sealed games in mint or near mint condition. I also want to buy boxed hardware, condition should at least be good which means that if the box is falling apart or has a lot of damages I'm not interested. If you have anything of interest mail me with descriptions/images/prices/etc. Thanks!
• BUY/Amiga1200:
JackAsser wants to do the A1200-boogie. Do you have one for sale?
• BEGGING/Photos of computer setups:
A message from Goto80: Do you have photos of computer set ups? I am collecting photos of people's private computer spaces to publish them either online or in book format. I am focusing on computers from the 1980s, but the photos can be from any time and any place. All information is appreciated, such as who owns the setup, where/when/by who the photo was taken, stories relating to the place, etcetera. If you cannot scan the photos yourself, just bring them to LCP and I will scan them for you. Please help the mission!
• BUY/TAC-2:
Bobisch would like to purchase 2 Tac-2's!
Jucke is looking for a A500 with kickstart 1.3, including a PSU. Preferably with 1mb RAM, but without ram expansion is totally OK too!
Frantic/HT has an Amiga 2000 for sale (picture here). It is a quite rare early OCS/kickstart 1.2 model, motherboard revision 4, made in germany, anno 1986. This means that you can run really old Amiga demos on it, which does not work on later revisions. It comes without add-on hardware inside, but note that it is still possible to buy brand new Zorro II hardware, such as IDE-controllers for hard drives/CD-ROMs (requires kickstart 1.3 or higher) and whole bunch of other things to this good 'ol machine! I have used this machine with all kinds of add on hardware, and that worked just fine. It has a broken alt-key (left) which is attached with blu-tack, and this solution has worked for 10 years now, so it works just fine to press it. There is a CD-ROM unit sitting in the 5.25" slot, which can be used provided that an IDE controller is added to the system. Give me an offer, and I will consider if I think it is worth it!
Frantic/HT also sells a "A690". This is a CD-ROM unit that you plug in to the side of an A500, and the A500 behaves like a CDTV - showing a CDTV boot screen when turned on etc. The device can also be accessed from Workbench and so on. There are two audio RCA connectors (i.e. stereo) on the back of it, which can be used for playing audio CDs. When this unit was officially sold, it was called "A570", and if the A2000 above is quite rare, the A690 is VERY rare. "A690" is what the unit was called when being shown on computer shows and so on, before being sold to the public. Unfortunately there was a battery powered ROM chip in the A690. My battery worked for a long time, until roughly 5-6 years ago, but then it finally died, which means that the ROM chip is probably erased by now. Someone with electronic skills may be able to fix it. Give me an offer if you are interested! (If you happen to know where/how to get hold of a burned A570 ROM chip and/or an image file of the ROM in the 570, I am also interested. It might very well work with the A690 since the PCB differences are very small.) I also have 4-5 CDTV games, including Turrican.
When Archmage is done with a hard day's night of putting l33t pixelz on the canvas, he likes to break out his joystick and unwind with some straight forward lamergaming. That, combined with the fact that he is of the opinion that a game worth playing is a game worth buying (yeahyeahyeah), makes him think of LCP as a good arena for adding some original games to his collection. Any original game for the c64 or plus/4 that is complete and in OK condition is of interest. He cannot match those crazy ebay prices, but he'll make you a fair enough deal and throw in a bottle of then finest Norwegian brew. .
Whenever Frantic feels like being
lamer than a gamer, he pretends to be obsessed by PC hardware. Anyone got a wireless network card to give away or sell cheap?
The party is organized through the joint efforts of several of the organizers responsible for earlier parties such as LCP, Floppy, BFP, St Lars, StLCP et cetera. If you have ever visited any of these parties, you know what to expect!
 - Frantic/HT (and the rest of HT)
 - Taper/Triad
 - Iopop/Triad
 - Jackasser/Instinct
If you have questions of any kind, don't hesitate to send a message (CSDb) or mail to Frantic. If not, then see you there!
Releases, photos, and other things from the previous LCP, Floppy, StLars, BFP and StLCP parties are available in the archive.

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