LCP 2011 logo
LCP 2011 logo
Little Computer People 2011!
You + the rest of the knights of the datakalsong will meet at the party known as LCP 2011. The party will rage throughout the weekend of August 5–7. Use your laser lance to penetrate the fragile membrane enclosing the illusion of "ordinary life". We don't need that slavery! Together we will be able to restore the real reality again: the unbeatable reality of D.A.T.A.
Bring good machines, such as C64, Amiga, Atari, Spectrum, consoles, et cetera, and use them wisely. This is not a PC party, and you should act accordingly. A whole weekend of jolly good partying will cost you 200 SEK. Also bring booze, snacks, junk food, disks, disk notchers, additional electric multiply socketz and you are good to go.
Where? When? How?
The party place is Hemvärnsgården in the city of Lund, located in the very south of Sweden. This place was also used for StLCP 2008, and it is not the same one as was used for LCP 2009 (the one in Malmö that was waaaay too hot and that provided waaaay too little oxygen). Hemvärnsgården is a good place to be in many ways, although there is one noticeable limitation, or shall we say feature? (We actually honestly like the intimacy and sweatiness of slightly smaller parties.) That is, the partyplace holds no more than 100 data freax, and perhaps even slightly less (this will be investigated in more detail in due time). Hence you better sign up sooner than later if you wanna party. Information on how to get to Hemvärnsgården is available further down on this page.
The layout of the party place is relatively basic. It consists of a "large" hall, a kitchen (that you may use), a bunch of toilets, and one shower (for lamers). There is no separate sleeping area. If you need better comfort than that, you better go elsewhere. We're not the Stilton Cheese Hotel. We do provide the extreme luxury of free coffee though. See the party feature section for more info on food and alcohol (in short, we serve a simple breakfast on saturday morning and you take care of the rest yourself).
As stated already, the party takes place during the first weekend of August 2011, which means 5–7 august. More specifically, the gates open at 16.00 Friday the 5th and they close again at 12.00 Sunday the 7th, UNLESS...
Unless what?
Well, to tell you the truth, the organizers behind this party are getting old and sucky. We still like to organize funky parties for the little computer peoplez out there — we really do! — but in case you want us to continue doing this for another bunch of years we would appreciate if you stay for an extra hour or so after the party to help out with the cleaning. Collective cleaning is just sooo much more effective. Of course, participation in cleaning is not obligatory. It is just that we would find it highly appreciable if you help us out a bit (or eight). Even if only 8.271% of the party visitors supply a helping hand to the cleaning process, it is close to 100% less effort for us...
The organizers
The organizers behind this party are (in alphabetical order):
» Frantic/Hack'n Trade (mail contact)
» Iopop/Triad
» Taper/Triad
...with special support from Bepp/Triad and Hedning/G*P.
LCP 2011 slogan
2011‑08‑09: Scenesat were present at LCP. Find the stuff they broadcasted from LCP in their archive. There are also some (somewhat shaky) cellphone cam recordings of LFT's concert put up in the LCP archive today, recorded by sLASH. If you have other stuff, like photos, videos etc from LCP, please get in touch!
2011‑08‑08: The Amiga modules are now uploaded to the file area. The Amiga demo will come soonish.
2011‑08‑07: We provide the 0-day warez. Check the LCP 2011 file area for releases and results from the C64 compos (demo, music, graphics). The releases are provided as is. The Offence demo was shown, but not released, since it was not linked. Amiga entries will follow later. Greetings to all the LCP visitors. You know we love you.
2011‑08‑04: LCP tomorrow! Yohooo! As a little reminder, please bring:
» Electric multiplier sockets ("fördelardosor")
» The alkoholik stuff
» If you have anything to donate to the compo prize table, it is VERY welcome!
» The latest warez.
2011‑08‑03: In a timely fashion, the web server died today. ...and came back from the dead too. Not bad, in one day!
2011‑08‑02: Bepp and Hedning supplied a proper data food map which will tell you where to go when you are in the mood for some ultra-food. Remember that you may also use the kitchen at the party place. The map will also show where the bus stops are. Three days left to LCP now!
2011‑07‑30: Added an advertisement from Iopop/Triad to the trading section. (Some games for vic-20.)
2011‑07‑28: Greetings to TRIAD on their 25:th birthday! Yohoo! Also, the trading section was (re-)added to this site. Qwan/Up Rough has some stuff for sale. Check it out! (unless you happen to be blind)
2011‑07‑27: There is a "Data Van" going from Stockholm to LCP and back again:

Johey/Sys5 will probably drive a data van (HDG 454) from Stockholm to LCP at Friday morning and turn back home at Sunday some time between lunch and evening. Any databoys wanna ride? It can take like five or six dudes (or girls, if faith means well), still leaving space enough for comfortability. The fee depends on the number of passengers. Less than four menas cancelled, four means SEK700, five means SEK600 and six means SEK500. Oh, and this time we are equipped with an electronic navigation device!!1!1 Please apply for a seat at or +46705955621.
2011‑07‑24: Some updates today regarding food and alcohol. In short, a (very simple) breakfast will be served on saturday morning. Apart from that, you bring the food and beverages you need yourself. (Keep in mind that you can't buy alcohol everywhere in Sweden: you will have to go to one of those Systembolaget stores.) See the party features section for more details!

(In general, the LCP philosophy is to provide the core party features for a cheap fee, and let the participants decide for themselves how they want to use the rest of their money, rather than providing all sorts of features for a more expensive fee.)

There was a liiiiittle tiiiiiny detail corrected in the info about the voting process: The maximum voting score for an entry is 9 (not 10 as stated previously). Not a big deal, but...
2011‑07‑21: Two weeks left now! We're looking for people who are willing to be "Demo DJ's" on LCP. This isn't as demanding as it sounds. All you have to do is to show some demos on the bigscreen for an optional amount of time. Everything along these lines is considered a bonus since it makes that bigscreen go alive!

I also did some updates to the Compo section. No changes, just additions.
2011‑07‑04: One month left now. 10 more seats made available today. Hurry up to reserve a seat! This is probably your last chance to do so.

Another party feature was also added to the party feature section today: The Transfer Team. They will transfer all those old 5.25" disks for your C64 that you can't be arsed to back up. This includes both ordinary disks as well as disk originals and turbo tapes too!.
2011‑06‑17: ...and once again, these seats were quickly "sold out". If you are one of those in the list, but happen to know that you will not be able to make it to LCP, please tell us so we can make these seats available to other fellow scenerz.
2011‑06‑17: A few more seats are available now!
2011‑05‑18: We are very happy to announce another party feature: LFT will give a concert playing on his chipophone! See the party feature section further down on this page for more info!
2011‑05‑06: So... 24 hours after the page went official we're almost full booked now full booked. Party party! Now we know that in situations like this, there are usually a number of people who argue that the organizers should find all sorts of solutions to allow more people to get in. But even before this happens we would just like to say that we actually honestly like the intimacy of slightly "smaller" parties. Also, judging from previous experience, smaller parties does not necessarily mean "worse compos" and things like that. Alas, you cannot count on us taking measures to allow any substantial amount of additional people to get in once the list is full. In particular, we will not try to find another party place to deal with the situation. Nevertheless, we should also mention that we will contact all people who signed up about two weeks before the party to make sure that they still actually plan to come. In case people cancel their reservations by then (or even before that), these seats will be made available to other people, of course. A small number of extra seats may be made available even if no people cancel their reservations, but it will be a while before we know for sure about this so have patience.

Another note: I (Frantic) will be away from internet connections during the weekend, so don't be alarmed if the booking system breaks down completely while I am away, or something like that. If troubles appear, they will be fixed on monday.
2011‑05‑05: Congratulations to Jackasser who signed up first. Jackasser is awarded double vote-power in the compo for this. Guess it feels good to slap your group "buddy" HCL in the face, ey? Guess it feels even better to do it in front of the whole world, ey?
2011‑05‑05: Site officially launched! Double vote power in the compo is awarded to the one who signs up first. Who will be the first this time?
2011‑04‑26: The official LCP site was inofficially launched today. Wonderful, isn't it? Mucho info still lacking, so check back at least 999 times each day. Note that it is actually possible to sign up now, but let's keep this site a secret for another few days will ya!?
The party is over. It is no longer possible to sign up.
People who can't resist
This year, the following people could not resist:

%00000000JackAsser/Booze Design
%00000001HCL/Booze Design
%00000110radiantx/Panda Design
%00001000Dane/Booze Design
%00001001Archmage/Booze Desing
%00010000Yazoo/Oxyron / Arsenic
%00010111Frost/Tulou^Panda Design
%00011111X-jAMMER/Genesis Project
%00100000Omega Supreme/Offence
%00100100Sixx/Genesis Project
%00101001Ole Marius Pettersen/Prosonix
%00101011hedning/Genesis Project
%00101100Spot/Triad / Up Rough
%00101101Yoki /Up Rough
%00101110Klegg/Panda Design
%00110100Pex Mahoney Tufvesson/Visa Röster
%00110111Geir Tjelta/MoN/Shape/Oxyron
%00111001Ninja/The Dreams
%00111100Joe/Wrath Designs/Crest
%01000010Booger/Up Rough & HT
%01010010GOTO8O/Scorpions Crackings
%01010100Qwan/Up rough
%01010111Z-Nexx/Genesis Project
%01011001Acid Terrorist
%01011010Kristian Røstøen
%01011101zaz/dual crew
%01011111skope/up rough
%01100001klinSID/Last Ninjas
%01100011bob/APANBEPAN / Genesis Project
%01100100The Mad Scientist/Hokuto Force
%01101010fegolhuzz/data brothers
%01101100Ed/Wrath Designs
%01101101Curt Cool/Depth
Some of the things that will make LCP 2011 a particularly funky place to be are listed here:
Saturday morning breakfast
Saturday morning, we will provide a simple breakfast. Don't expect a full-blown hotel breakfast. It is more like a little bonus. Free coffee will be available in the kitchen throughout the party. Apart from this, bring your own food + beverages (see the "non-features" section further below regarding alcohol).
...but you will not starve! Very close to the party place, there is a pizza resturant, a hamburger "kiosk", a 24h open McDonalds, a 24h open gas station, and some grocery stores. You can easily walk to all these places. Easy enough! Hedning's and Bepp's data map shows exactly where to find various places where you can get food.
Mogwai — the data doctor
We are proud to be able to say that Mogwai, the unstoppable data doctor, will grace LCP by his presence. As usual, he will do his best to heal your wounded or dead machines. During previous LCP parties Mogwai has managed to bring an impressive amount of commodore hardware back to a healthy life. Salvation may be just around the corner! Hallelujah!
This is all on a voluntary basis though, so don't forget to thank the good old man for his (potential) services. I am sure he would appreciate a free beer or two. In case someone has spare parts, broken hardware, or even working hardware to donate, don't hesitate to bring it to the party. Help your data brother.
LFT and his Chipophone
A few years ago LFT realized that he had to build a chipophone — the first of its kind. The chipophone later became rather famous, in part because it is a cool instrument, but also because LFT played nicely on it. We're happy to be able to state that LFT will give a concert on LCP at friday evening!
You are not likely to hear this live anywhere else. Why? The chipophone is hard to move due to its physical size and weight. Luckily, LFT happens to live in the very same city where LCP is held, which makes it somewhat easier to make a concert reality. If you want a sneak preview on what to expect, search for "chipophone" on youtube.
The Transfer Team
If you have old 5.25" floppy disks that you would like to get transferred to .d64 images, bring them to LCP! MdZ will be there with his disk transfer machinery and he is offering this quality service for free as part of his project to preserve old c64 software. He is able to transfer both ordinary disks as well as original disks (using a nibble drive) and turbo tapes as well!
The 1/X/2 Quiz
The 1/X/2 Quiz may not be the most fancy thing on earth, but it may still be a nice thing to do when you wake up from the friday night psychosis. What would suit better than a short walk outdoors and some nerdy 1/X/2 questions to get those brain cells going again? Better yet, if you do well you may be the winner of the quiz, and then you will be awarded something nice!
One feature that some people may expect, but which will NOT be found at the party place, is internet connectivity. If you think you need it, you'll have to arrange it yourself. (But why would you? :)
We do not sell alcohol on LCP (but feel free to drink your head off, if that's what you want). In Sweden, the only place to buy alcohol outside bars/resturants etc is at the "Systembolaget" stores. These stores are only open until 7 PM on friday and until 3 PM on saturday, so you may have to plan your alcohol purchases. There is one Systembolaget store close to the railway station, another one downtown, and a third one in a supermarket shopping area outside the center of Lund. See the map! (If you're coming from abroad, you'll probably save some money if you bring the alcohol from abroad.)
Also, we do not provide food on LCP. There is a kitchen however, that you may use, and Bepp and Hedning supplied a proper data food map, which will tell you where to find the junk food you are craving for.
More info will come up in this section in due time. Substantial updates will be noted in the news section.
Compo categories
Of course there will be categories such as C64 demo, C64 graphics and C64 music as usual. It is also likely that there will be categories such as Other demo, Other graphics and Other music. In case enough entries are handed in for a specific platform (Amiga is the main candidate here), such as two or three amiga demos/intros or a bunch of MOD. files, they will form categories on their own, such as Amiga demo and Amiga music (or MOD.-music). Common sense applies. Please read below about compo machines.
Compo Machines
If you plan to release something that requires another machine than a C64 you have to make sure that you bring the required hardware yourself. Also remember that it has to be connectable to a projector, preferably through a composite cable (RCA connector).
If you submit a compo entry for the C64: As usual, the party organizers will provide one C64 with 6581 SID and one C64 with 8580 SID. This means that you can write on the compo submission form (see below the section below on "Submission of compo entries") what SID you prefer for your C64 music entry or demo. We will run all C64 productions from a 1541U2 unless there are some specific reasons not to do so for some particular compo entry. We will of course also bring a normal 1541-II.
The compo deadline(s) are not yet decided, but at least none of them will be before saturday afternoon. We like it when people work on their entries during the party. Sweaty sweaty... If not before, the exact deadlines will be announced at the party itself, so keep an eye open. We usually select some particular location where we put up information about all kinds of things on papers, and the party schedule (which includes the compo deadlines) is one of them.
Submission of compo entries
For a compo entry to be considered submitted, it is not enough to throw it in the direction of some random guy that bears some vague resemblance of an organizer. No no.... You must (A) fill in a pre-printed form which can be obtained from Frantic at the party and (B) you must give this filled in paper together with the compo entry itself to Frantic (and noone else). You can put your entries on 5.25" floppies, various flash cards, usb sticks and the like.
Note that we do not accept remote entries submitted to the compo at LCP. We want the competitors to be present in the audience during the compo since we firmly believe that this is the proper way to achieve a nice party vibe. Furthermore, the compo always risks being to long anyway, so there is really no reason at all to accept remote entires. When it comes to demos, not all of its authors must be present at the party, but at least one or a few of the main ones must be there in person, and hand in the compo entry personally.
During the compo
During the compo it is a good idea to take notes of the scores you want to give to the compo entries. We will provide pens and papers, but don't hesitate to bring this yourself if you want to make sure that you are properly equipped. This is because...
After the compo, there will be voting using our C64 voting terminals. You will enter the same handle that you used when you paid the entrance fee to the party on arrival, and you will then go through the various compo categories to give each entry a score between 1 and 9 (not 10 as stated in a previous version of this page!). You can also chose not to give a vote on a particular compo entry.
It is easy to get to Hemvärnsgården. Here are some guidelines that may help you out in your quest for copy party attendance.
By air to Lund
There are two airports not far from Lund. The biggest one is Copenhagen airport, which is called Kastrup. There are trains going directly from Kastrup to Lund at a regular basis and it only takes something like 30–40 minutes to get from Kastrup to Lund. Look for trains that go towards Malmö, which is close to Lund. After Malmö trains may go in several directions though, so make sure you are on a train that actually head for Lund after passing Malmö. If the train stops in Malmö, no worries. There are many trains going from Malmö to Lund as well. If the train does not say anything about Lund, but something about going through Hässleholm, you are on the right track (literally). Check the guidelines below for a description of how to get from Lund Central — the railway station of Lund — to the partyplace.
You can also fly to Sturup, which is Malmö's airport. From there, take a bus to Lund central (or Lund hospital) and then follow the guidelines below regarding how to get from Lund Central to the party place.
From Lund Central to the partyplace
Lund Central is the railway station of Lund. Take bus #4 (towards "Norra Fäladen"). If you want more specific info about this, check and search for a trip from "Lund Bantorget" (veeery close to the railway station) to "Lund Smörlyckan" and it should give you the time table for for Bus #4 more or less. Get off at the bus stop called "smörlyckan". Bepp's and Hedning's map shows nicely how to get from the bus stops to the party place if you go by bus #4. In short, you just walk along the road called "getingevägen" until you get to the Sibylla Kiosk (a hamgurger kiosk/resturant called "Rolles gatukök"). Now continue something like 50 meters to the red wooden house. If you stop too early you will find yourself at some sort of karate club. If you walk too far you'll end up in a horse stable.
If anything is unclear, have a look at this map, which shows the way from a square called Clemenstorget (which is very close to the railway station) to the party place. Bepp's and Hedning's map may, again, also be useful of coz. If you need to ask someone how to walk, and they don't know where/what "Hemvärndsgården" is, you can ask for stuff like "Kemicentrum", "Smörlyckan", or "Rolle's gatukök". If you are in the central parts of Lund, you should head in the general direction of north, towards the area of Lund called "Norra Fäladen". Hemvärnsgården is located just before you actually reach Norra Fäladen though, so don't go too far!
By car to the partyplace
In case you are unable to navigate yourself, a good strategy may be to look for signs pointing to the hospital of Lund. Have a look at eniro's map or Bepp's and Hedning's map!
Free parking is available for a limited number of cars (say 10–20 or so), but... Please note that the gates to the party place area will close around 14.00 at sunday. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THERE OR IT WILL BE LOCKED AWAY BEHIND THE FENCE. This will be a problem for you and it will cause us trouble as well!
LCP is a good place to buy, sell, trade, or simply give away good ol' things. To facilitate this marketplace aspect of LCP you can add advertisements here. If you want to add your own ad here, just send a mail to frantic.
For sale
Archmage/Bööze Dezing says...
Archmage is interested in laying his cold slimy hands on old (pre Playstation/Xbox era) console stuff in order to get some mojo flowing again, so if you have anything you want to get rid of drop him a note on hrepstad at gmail dot com. Cheers!
Iopop/Triad says...
While moving I found seven vic20 games that I never used. I have no vic20 and they are better off with someone that really want them.

The games are; Cyclons, Quackers, Skramble, Pakacuda, Paratroopers, The Catch & Escape-MCP. All from Rabbit Software and on tape.

Asking 40 SEK each, 250 SEK for the whole lot. Prices are negotiable. Condition is ok.
Qwan/Up Rough says...
Im going to sell some stuff that i dont need since overspending on c64 stuff. The following items are availible: payments in sek please, check the actual euro exchange rates.

Commodore computers:

Commodore 128 - working with not optimal sid chip. 250 sek:- about 26 euro)

Commodore 128 d with working 8580 chip, but some keys missing on keybord and a repaired by solder mainboard 700:- sek, about 80 eur) (local pickup in gbg or money in advance only since this is heavy and painful and im not bringing it unless the deal is sealed)

Commodore 64 C black painted top (never finished paintjob) with working 8580 sid: 200:- sek

Commodore Breadbin all fresh and totaly clean. Choose with or without good sidchip, 500:- without sid, 700:- with a nice 6581 cbm sid. For the 700 sek option you get the bonus of a VIC 20 mainboard and black painted shell, and a keyboard without any keys that i removed for another project.

AMIGAAAAAAAAH: (håll käften)

Amiga 500 full of stickers and working (most COMA (modland) - SKOGENS DJUR modules was made on this one) 200:- sek (about 23 eur)

Amiga 500 without diskdrive usual yellow condition 100 sek:- (no more info other that it starts)

Mail to

You can make an offer but it has to follow this procedure:


If you find any stuff unsatisfactory once delivered then you should come talk to me within an hour or soo, or else the money back garante might have been spent on food & beer etc. it is perfered that we agree on any deals before going into full partymood so that we are both tuned in, before we get zooned out.
You may already be aware of the weird beast called internet. If not, here are some links to get you going:
* — Codebase 64 wiki
* — The C-64 Scene database
LCP 2011 is the zillionth party in a series of parties. Releases, photos, old websites, and so forth, from previous parties are available in the archive. The archive also covers similar Swedish parties such as Floppy, StLars, BFP and so on. Enter the archive here.